New for 2008, Challenge Electronics, Inc., has teamed up with Power Products® of Alpharetta Georgia, one of the countries leading manufacturers of two-way radio batteries to provide the Challenge Electronics, Inc, brand of radio batteries especially for Challenge’s radio customers. These batteries are exceptional quality and value, with a solid manufacturers warranty, backed by Challenge’s unique 1st echelon local service. Private label batteries offer all the features and capability of OEM batteries at substantial cost savings.


Two-Way Radio Batteries

Power Products batteries enjoy a well-earned reputation for performance and durability. That’s because they incorporate features like matched cells from top Japanese manufacturers, gold plated contacts, premium ABS housings, and nickel-plated tabs. Our batteries can be counted on to power your radio under the most demanding field conditions.

Power Products and Challenge Electronics, Inc. stock batteries for a wide range of radios, including models from Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, M/A-COM, E.F. Johnson, and others. If you’re looking for batteries that offer performance, value, and a solid warranty, call Challenge Electronics, Inc. today. 1-800-528-5664 or 401-431-9290





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