FCC Licensing - Spectrum Services

Challenge Electronics, Inc.'s spectrum management department is uniquely qualified to conduct frequency identification, coordination of information with FCC designated coordinators, FAA slope analysis and forms preparation activities.

As a participating member of ITA, the Industrial Telecommunications Association, Inc. one of the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) recognized coordinators, we work closely to provide the widest variety of spectrum management service available.

Spectrum Management Fee's
Challenge Electronics, Inc. maintains subscription based informational access to the Federal Communications Commission's license database.  We can provide information, application tracking, status checks, frequency checks, and geographic searches.  In addition we can provide FAA airport slope, obstruction and FAR 77 certification

FCC research
$ 85.00 per hour, minimum half-hour charge

Challenge Electronics, Inc. provides frequency selection and certification services in the 25-50, 150-174, 421-430, 450-470 and the 470-512 MHz private wireless bands that have been consolidated within the various radio pools, including Police, Fire, Highway, Forestry and Industrial/Business.

License Preparation (any)
$ 250.00
(Includes local** site visit with GPS for antenna location, frequency search, monitoring, FAA Slope analysis, Form 600 preparation, Form 159 preparation, issuance of Temporary Operating Authority);

 $ 130.00 *
Coordinator's Fee's, (FB, FB2, FB7, FB4, FB6)

(Per frequency/pair, plus $ 75.00 per application for additional 1-5 sites)

$ 75.00 *
Coordinator's Fee's (MO, MO6, FBI, FB2I)

(* Prices quoted utilizing ITA, other coordinators fees may vary,** Local within 50 miles of Providence, RI, outside area travel charges and per-diem apply)

Interference Resolution
While every effort is made by all FCC's coordinators to provide the best available frequency for each system, occasions inevitably arise when systems on shared spectrum are unable to co-exist, experience potentially harmful interference or encounter unlicensed operation.  Initially Challenge works to locally** resolve issues directly.  If issues cannot be resolved, ITA, the FCC's designated representative for interference issues will submit its recommendations for resolution to the area FCC field office for action.  ITA anticipates that the Bureau will respond expeditiously to our requests for immediate assistance and will grant a presumption of accuracy to a Compliance Request Report Form filed by ITA, through Challenge Electronics, Inc.

Interference resolution/Mediation-
$ 250.00 minimum per action (No ITA involvement),  $ 360.00 minimum per action (with ITA involvement)


Contact FCC Licensing/Spectrum Services E-mail rhopkins@challengeUSA.net